The Chetco Pelican Players are currently seeking recommendations for a show to fill the June 2021 season slot. Ideas for musicals, comedies and dramas are welcome. Small-cast shows, and shows that are pitched by a person who is willing to direct the production, are preferred.

Please note, in order to direct a Chetco Pelican Players production, directors are required to have assistant-directed at least one production.

To recommend a show, please send an email to matrailor@gmail.com. Please include the name of the show, and whether or not you are willing to direct the production.

CPP Presents: The Green Room

Backstage With The Chetco Pelican Players

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Bonus Episode One:
Backstage Romance

Happy Valentine’s Day from The Chetco Pelican Players!

A little song…

A little dance…

A little backstage romance….

The producers of The Green Room are working hard to perfect their next full episode about the 1990s. In the meantime, we’re releasing a shorter bonus episode just in time for Valentine’s Day—featuring interviews with two married couples who fell in love at the Chetco Playhouse.

You can now watch “Bonus Episode One: Backstage Romance,” on the Chetco Pelican Players’ YouTube channel.

The Green Room pieces together photographs from CPP’s history along with interviews with the actors, directors, board members, and volunteers who made that history possible. Beginning with 1988, we’re going to explore our 33-year journey of bringing accessible, affordable live theater to the Brookings-Harbor Community–and what live theater means to the people who watch and participate in it.

Episode One is available now–more episodes coming soon! Learn more about this project here.


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