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A Review
Elks play a return to good ol’ days
By D. Ann Graham
Curry Coastal Pilot, March 23, 1988, page 4
The Return of Deadwood Dick was a return to the good old days. Those days when the cast was one’s friend and neighbors, and the audience played an aggressive role in the performance.

It was delightfully fun to see characters such as Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickock turn out to be none other than Brooking’s own Leanne McCurley and Dennis Massey. With rousing performances from Andy Drago, Chuck Moore, Nancy Dougherty and many others, old fashioned melodrama was brought back to life.

Not long into the evening, the audience was not only offering the expected boos and hisses for the villain, horrays for the hero, and ooohs and ahhs for the heroine…, they were boisterously calling out advice for the characters as they went along. Besides that, there were enough Western hats, kerchiefs and sombreros in the audience to make one feel they had been somehow thrown back in time.

The first performance of The Return of Deadwood Dick was sold out. That leads one to believe that TV is nice, but there’s nothing like the kind of entertainment one can personally take part in.

One again, the local talent has presented a program of commendable fun. It is described best by the play’s wise and honorable Judge himself, who saw everthing as: “More or less. Considerably more and more than less.”

Founding Members
of The Chetco Pelican Players
August 27, 1988
Mabel Church Dick Draper Michael Moran
Andrew Drago Leanne McCurley Georgia Olsen
Beatrice Drago Lila Moore Nancy Pearce